Chairman of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence: In the era of dancing between humans and robots, human beings were leaders.

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"Robots must make humans more intelligent themselves." When asked if artificial intelligence will be a threat to humans, Li Deyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Society, believes that in the era of humans and robots dancing, "There is no doubt that humans Always lead dancers."
At the first conference on digital economy and artificial intelligence held in Chengdu, Sichuan, Chengdu, Li Deyi delivered a keynote speech entitled "Artificial Intelligence: A New Engine for Economic Development and Social Development Accelerator" and was interviewed by reporters.
Li Deyi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the China Artificial Intelligence Society, was interviewed by the reporter.
Since its inception in 1956, the history of artificial intelligence has only been more than 60 years, but it has had an extremely far-reaching impact on the development of human society. “Artificial intelligence changes the world in a way that makes things work in a silent way.” In the speech, Li Deyi took the impact of artificial intelligence on education, health care, manufacturing, and the financial industry as an example to illustrate the changes it brought.
“The educational methods of rote learning and a large number of questions will surely be eliminated in the smart era.” Li Deyi said that artificial intelligence will disrupt educational concepts and education models. He believes that education in the smart age should cultivate students' ability to acquire knowledge, make decisions, and innovate.
He believes that the future society will universally use various types of service robots. Translations, news reports, customer service, accounting, drivers, housekeeping, etc. may all be replaced by artificial intelligence.
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the “May 12” Wenchuan earthquake, Li Deyi also talked about the application of artificial intelligence in earthquakes and other natural disasters. He believes that artificial intelligence can play an important role whether it is early warning and prevention before natural disasters, or after the occurrence of disasters.
At present, the field of artificial intelligence has become a "battlefield" for competition among various countries. However, artificial intelligence must be "utilized" to avoid disadvantages.
"The robot revolution is a worldwide and time-based." Li Deyi believes that China will become the largest market for robots. At the same time, he also stressed: "Only original and intelligent science and technology can make us an important maker and leader in the robot market and robot market rules."
For the public, the development of artificial intelligence is both hopeful and uneasy. Li Deyi said that although the machine will gradually replace some human positions, but at the same time when human positions are replaced by intelligent robots, there will inevitably emerge more updated work.
As for the robots deduced in many science fiction works, they have "self-awareness." Li Deyi said that at present robots cannot distinguish even the most basic "I" and "non-I". Having "consciousness" is extremely remote. "People don't have to worry about it. ”



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