Focus on smart manufacturing to promote the development of the robot industry

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The 5th China Robotics Summit and Intelligent Economy Talents Summit was held in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province on the theme of “Integration of knowledge and action, letting AI and robots more integrated”. It includes 69 experts and scholars from all over the world, and 220 high-level manufacturing companies. More than 1,500 people in the industry conducted an exchange discussion on the development of the robot industry and artificial intelligence.
"Robot + Action" Program Promotes Robotic Applications and Industrial Development
The deputy governor of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, Geng Fu, said in his speech that robots are an important symbol for measuring the technological innovation and manufacturing level of a country, region and enterprise. In recent years, Zhejiang Province has implemented the “Robot + Action” program to promote the development of robot applications and industries, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and cultivate and develop new industries. One is to start with machine substitution projects and advance "robot + manufacturing." The second is to use production, learning, research, and use as a link, and strive to break through the key technologies of robots. Third, it is guided by the market demand and strives to cultivate the robot industry. Fourth, taking machine substitution as a starting point, digital transformation of mechanical equipment as a data acquisition port, and conducting industrial big data analysis and utilization. Fifth, pilot demonstrations are used as the starting point to promote the application of robots in various fields of society. For example, a number of robots have been demonstrated in logistics, life services, agriculture, health, special environments, and security. Sixth, on the stage of robot development and robot application, a large number of high-level professionals have been introduced and cultivated.
Robots need to integrate deeply in the new stage of development
"Our country is only a beginning in the development of robots and applications related to robotics. There is still a long way to go before it," said Cao Jianlin, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee for Physical Education and Physical Education. Although China has developed rapidly in many fields of technology, In most fields, especially high-tech fields, China is still a follower, and many key technical and scientific issues are still not resolved. Cao Jianlin believes that at present, China’s robot development has entered a new phase. If we say that the previous stage is "from scratch," then we must do a good job in the integration of professional robots and technologies, materials, and industries in various fields.
The former executive vice chairman of China National Machinery Industry Federation Zhu Sendi said in his keynote speech “Intelligent Manufacturing and Development of Industrial Robots in China” that it is necessary to effectively promote smart manufacturing from the following six aspects. First, keeping up with the world's technological development trends, actively integrating new technologies and mastering core technologies. The second is multi-level and multi-dimension advancement. Through pilot demonstrations, breakthroughs and overall improvement are achieved. The third is to keep abreast of the market, proceed from the actual conditions of the enterprise, and always put efficiency and effectiveness first. Fourth, build a solid foundation, do a good job in basic management and lean production, and seize the pain points and difficulties. Fifth, establish a standard framework, basic standards first, and establish China's intelligent manufacturing standards system. Sixth, speed up the development of the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and match it with the promotion of smart manufacturing.
Intelligent equipment ushered in new development, focus on creating a good ecological environment
According to Tan Jianrong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at Zhejiang University, China has great market potential in the transformation and upgrading of existing traditional equipment into smart equipment. "Being robotic hardware may be ten times or even hundred times more difficult than software or business model innovations. How to get young teams to go out after going out, it is necessary to consider how to create a good ecological environment for high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing." According to Li Zexiang, director of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Automation Technology Center and Chairman of Googol Technology, this requires the government, industry, and the capital community to work together. In addition, the creation of an ecosystem should also focus on talent cultivation. In this regard, the guidance of professional tutors, talent delivery and support of technology, supply chain resources, and funds are all crucial.



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